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Der Innovation auf der Spur


Lessons learned in paradise

During my recent trip to California I learned a dozen very personal lessons:

#1 a double bacon cheeseburger means double meat not only double bacon and cheese. Never mind.

#2 by mentioning food: in paradise it’s mainly about quantity while in mexico quality rules. #omg

#3 new theory: no lamb at indian places could be a matter of homeland security – avoid suspiction by waving ingrediences with arab connotation… #wtf

#4 if someone peels the rind off of the camembert he can’t be a frenchman (and probably no european at all). Iit ‚urts so ‚ard!

#5 Never repeat songlines in a foreign language in public if you aren’t 100% sure about its meaning – including all connotations.

#6 Watch out! Waves at La Jolla’s wind&sea can wash sand into your ears – you’re going to discover it by a screeching noise when moving your jar days later.

#7 reconsidering the screeching noises in my left ear could be collateral damage of having a double bacon cheeseburger after all.

#8 rarely saw anyone pick la times or sd union tribune in paradise. everyone has a pc. Executives have an Apple. Old media is dead in CA.

#9 „We don’t know where social media is going – but its not going away.“ Publishers, follow the @jeffjarvis rule and scrap your presses while there is still time (and capital power) left.

#10 K’Mart in San Ysidro (and probably elsewhere) is about as organized as Kaufhaus X in Mindelheim used to be – find dogfood next to pencils, pampers and pans…

#11 make the day of european expats by bringing along music from their youth… (and get chocolate chipped pancakes in return)… #via #con #me…

#12 Tacos are a great discovery and will survive the digital age. Never mind the soft shells, I still prefer the hard ones.

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